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Irish Tourists Mesmerized in Morocco

Morocco’s Tourist Arrivals Increase 24% During 1st Trimester of 2018

Toronto – From the expansive beaches of Agadir to the bustling streets of Marrakech, the wonder of Paradise Valley to breathtaking Sahara excursions… Irish tourists are singing the praises of a holiday spent in Morocco.

For virtually everyone visiting Morocco for the first time, the country presents a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new. According to an account published in the February 12 edition of the Irish Sun, one newly smitten traveller describes his recent trip to Morocco.

According to Irish tourist Ruairi, there’s more to Morocco than just the sun and sea he and his travel companions found on the beautiful beaches in Agadir. Testing the cuisine outside the perimeter of their 4-star resort, he and his party found that “local cuisine in Morocco is absolutely first-class.” The simplest of local fare, such as a local tajine, is a feast to remember. Smells, flavours and personal touches everywhere transform eating in Morocco to dream status.

While they were more than pleased with their safe accommodations, replete with activities for children and adults alike, it wasn’t until they signed up for an excursion to Paradise Valley that they truly felt Morocco open up and welcome them in its full embrace. In the Berber villages they encountered along the way, they felt the “real Morocco.”

This, they say, is where their experience began, quoting one Berber gentleman saying, “You will find Agadir in Morocco, but you won’t find Morocco in Agadir.” They enthusiastically encourage any and all visitors to Morocco to take full advantage of everything the many day excursions have to offer.

Their trip to Marrakech, however, represented a huge change in pace and they advise throwing yourself into the heady atmosphere fully committed to enjoying the experience. They do, however, highly recommend the use of a guide, especially for new visitors. Having someone trustworthy to navigate them through the maze of narrow market streets meant a stress-free time could be enjoyed by all.

The guides showed them to the best market stalls and even lent a hand in haggling to ensure they got great deals. The sights and smells and sounds presented a virtual cacophony but the result is thoroughly enjoyable if you’re prepared to go with the flow.

Most intoxicating was their stay in a gorgeous Riad. It didn’t look like much from the outside but any hesitation they might have had disappeared as soon as they crossed the threshold. For Ruairi and his party, the Riad represented “the most amazing part of the trip, and the most memorable aspect of the entire Moroccan experience.”

La Maison Arabe did not disappoint, right down to the personal greeting by the owner, and the royally personalized level of attention they were given.

Of course, no trip to Morocco would truly be complete without a hammam session which they characterize as a “must” experience for all visitors to Morocco. There’s nothing like it, says Ruairi, to shake off winter.

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