Home International News Trump Makes Plans to ‘Reshape’ the EPA and Rewrite Travel Ban

Trump Makes Plans to ‘Reshape’ the EPA and Rewrite Travel Ban

Trump Makes Plans to ‘Reshape’ the EPA and Rewrite Travel Ban

Toronto US President Donald Trump is preparing several executive orders intended to “reshape the agency,” according to the Huffington Post.

Inside sources at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have said they were given a heads-up at a meeting with the General Counsel at EPA offices, that President Donald Trump is writing 2-5 new executive orders that have staffers bracing for potentially big changes.

During his election campaign, Trump spoke of reviving the country’s coal and drilling industries and promised he could do it without causing any harm to air or water quality. He also touted his disbelief in the science of climate change, although he is now claiming to be willing to keep an “open mind” on the subject.

The new orders won’t see the light of day until Trump’s nominee for the agency’s new administrator is confirmed. General Scott Pruitt is another in a long list of highly contested Trump nominations, causing heated debate at his confirmation hearings because of his ties to big oil.

During his time as Oklahoma’s top prosecutor, Pruitt sued the EPA 12 times to block its regulations on behalf of oil and gas producers in the state. EPA staffers are concerned that Pruitt’s appointment could spell the beginning of a laundry list of cuts to critical programs and research.

Of added concern are Trump’s plans for his beloved travel ban since the stay against it was upheld by the Ninth District Court last week. Describing his administration as a “fine-tuned machine” during a press conference Thursday, Trump promised that, instead of waiting for a larger appellate court to review the ruling keeping the ban blocked, his fine-tuned machine will simply replace it.

In a statement released on the situation the administration stated “In doing so, the president will clear the way for immediately protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation.” The court documents have been filed and the world waits with baited breath.

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