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Morocco: Road Traffic Accidents Kill Thousands Each Year

Moroccan Police Officer Arrested for Hit-and-Run in Rabat

Rabat – The number of people who died from traffic accidents in 2016 exceeded 3,593, rising by 0.79% from 2015, according to the latest numbers of traffic accidents released by the Ministry of Equipment Transport and Logistics.

Morocco’s traffic deaths are still on the rise, fueled by several factors, such as the behavior of users, pedestrians and drivers, and the quality of road infrastructure. Traffic accidents are thus a real socio-economic cataclysm, due to their costs and their social impact on the families of the victims.

In general, traffic accidents rose to 81,827 in 2016, compared to 78,864 a year earlier. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Equipment Transport and Logistics, one accidents in six is considered lethal compared to one in four back in 2012, a slight improvement that is mainly due to the national security strategy adopted back in 2004.

The new 2016-2025 security strategy is expected to reduce traffic deaths considerably, with its long term and more demanding vision to adopt a safer and more responsible behavior on our roads. This new security strategy aims to reduce traffic mortality by 50% by 2025.

According to the Ministry, three main factors are the cause of traffic accidents: poor infrastructure, inadequate vehicles, and the human factor.

While many efforts were deployed to fix road infrastructure and develop more secure vehicles, one of the main reasons of traffic accidents is still the driver’s responsibility. The human factor is present in more than 90% of recorded accidents.

To counter this issue, the National Committee of Traffic Accidents Prevention runs continual field studies to measure behavioral indicators. The results of these studies show a serious disrespect of traffic laws, including disregard of stop signs and not wearing seatbelts. The ministry is planning to reinforce traffic control with high-tech radar and a more vigilant traffic police.

The International Road Safety Day celebrated each year on 18 February is the perfect opportunity to examine closely the actions taken to combat road traffic accident. It is under the theme “In the open countryside, let us be more vigilant” that Morocco will celebrate this Saturday this national day.

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