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Moroccan & Spanish Police Dismantle Two International Hashish Trafficking Networks

RabatMoroccan and Spanish Authorities have recently tightened security measures against Hashish Trafficking, leading to the dismantling of two smuggling networks.

Spanish authorities have announced that in less than two days they have managed to dismantle two international networks specializing in hashish trafficking from the North of Morocco to Malaga in Spain.

Authorities confiscated a helicopter, cars, boats and state-of-the-art technology. In addition, they confiscated three tons of Hashish and arrested 33 members of these networks.

According to a statement issued by the Spanish Civil Guard, the first network was dismantled in the Spanish cities of Malacca and Granada. Three tons of Hashish, with a value of USD 4 million, was confiscated and 15 members of the network, made up of Moroccan and Spanish nationals, were arrested.

After raiding houses used by the network, Spanish law enforcement confiscated 5 speed boats, worth approximately USD 600,000, as well as trucks used to transport these boats to and from the beach.

In addition to this, seven entertainment boats were seized as well as stolen cars, documents, computers and smartphones.

The second smuggling network was caught by Spanish authorities in the cities of Murcia and Alicante. The operation led to the arrests of 18 individuals and the confiscation of 700 kg of Hashish, three boats, 13 cars, a gun, and various ammunition, as well as well state-of-the-art technological devices including the latest smartphones and large sums of money.

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