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Morocco, My Love, My Wonderland

Ultras Protest against the Ban of the Ministry of Interior
Credit: Ultras M

Rabat – From teary eyes and bitter smiles, to carefree laughs and hopeful dreams, a video by the NGO Les Citoyens captures the heart of what it is to be Moroccan.

Launched in February 2016, the NGO has set itself the goal of promoting individual freedoms and encouraging social dialogue in a country where traditions are deeply rooted and where more than 15.5% of the people live on US$3.1 a day.

“Today we all share a sense of concern about what is happening in our country.” said Abdellah Tourabi, a journalist and member of Les Citoyens, in the pages of the weekly Tel Quel. “And this movement was created to reflect and think about change.”

The video regroups testimonies of Moroccans of every shade and color, from different parts of the country, from different social classes. In Darija, French and Tamazaghit, they all had something to say:

“It’s very difficult to make a life for yourself in Morocco.”

“We only criticize our country because we love it.”

“Wherever you go, you are oppressed, in the hospitals, the court, the administrations, everywhere!”

“Everybody is free in Morocco, you can do whatever you want!”

“We don’t want Morocco to change, we want Moroccans to change.”

A colorful palette of people, candide and sometimes poignant testimonies of everyday Moroccans, some just like us, and others forgotten in the deep mountains of the country.

Love, education, poverty, happiness, family, Moroccans tell it all in a beautiful explosion of emotions. A hopeful youth dreaming of a better future, and bitter regret of a generation who couldn’t pull out from a society riddled with poverty and illiteracy.

Through the video, we get to take a peek at the open heart of Moroccans, our people, ourselves. We get to hear about their dreams, their hopes. In a beautiful canvas of raw emotions, a heartening display of empathy, and the deep love we all carry for our land, this video might just move you to tears, as it did me.

“Happiness can be created through anything”

“Did you love the man you were supposed to marry? No.”

“I wanna study, I wanna be able to read. I want to learn.”

“We have a lot to say, and we should be able to say them. Otherwise, our unspoken words will rot and die inside of us.”

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