Home Economy OMPIC: 75.000 Businesses Created in Morocco in 2016

OMPIC: 75.000 Businesses Created in Morocco in 2016

OMPIC: 75.000 Businesses Created in Morocco in 2016
OMPIC: 75.000 Businesses Created in Morocco in 2016

Rabat – A total of 74,807 companies were created in Morocco in 2016, including 39,896 legal entities and 34,911 private companies, according to a report presented by the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office (OMPIC) in Casablanca on Tuesday.

12,847 trademark applications were submitted to the OMPIC, marking a record year for the office. The indicators for the 2016 fiscal year show an acute evolution of its various services, which will enable Morocco to improve its international business positioning and achieve the expected objectives in terms of rankings.

2016’s growth is illustrated notably by the historic high rate of brand creation. OMPIC said it had received about 12,847 trademark applications in 2016, registering an increase of 7% from a year earlier.

According to Adil El Malki, DG of the office, this evolution is certainly an encouraging step forward, particularly considering the relatively high proportion of applications from Moroccan companies. The share of Moroccan applications registration was 56% (5,636 requests) in 2016, an increase of 17% from a year earlier. Thanks to this evolution, Morocco was able to come 42nd in the 2016 edition of the industrial property indicators belonging to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The presentation of the 2016 report of the OMPIC which took place Tuesday February 21 in Casablanca proves that Moroccan companies are integrating brands into their development strategy.

One of the key strengths of this historic growth is the rate of renewals, as 30% of the brands that were created in 2006 were renewed in 2016. Moroccan companies are also leading in terms of design. Of the 1,385 applications for registration of designs registered in 2016, 821 are of Moroccan origin. This increase in demand for Moroccan designs by 5% consolidates the positioning of Morocco, which is currently at the 22nd place on the international scale.

A record has also been made for patents. The number of filed applications increased in 2016 by 21% to 1,240, 20% of which are of Moroccan origin (237), an improvement of 6% from a year before. Foreign patent filings improved by 26%, with 1,003 patent applications in 2016.

Morocco has taken a big step with regards to native-origin patents, from a share of 17% in 2014 to 38% in 2016. Innovation still comes more from outside of Morocco than from within, but a decisive increase in the quality of patents is encouraging. “We can rejoice at the quality of our patents,” stated El Maliki at the conference. “They are of better quality and meet the international patentability criteria. This is one of the objectives that we set ourselves during the reform of the law on industrial property and which entered into force in 2014.” He added that OMPIC would continue to encourage these new and inventive patents with a view to securing them international exposure.

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