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Moroccan Youth NGO’s Call on Putin to Support Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

Rabat – In a communiqué sent to Russian President, Vladimir Putin, 82 Moroccan youth organizations have asked for his support for the autonomy plan in the Moroccan Sahara.

The letter sent to the Russian president was drafted in accordance with very strict linguistic criteria after consulting with experts in international law as well as experts in linguistics from Morocco and Russia, according to a statement released by the organizers of the initiative.

The letter calls upon the Russian President to offer political support for the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco and to endorse it as a realistic and sustainable resolution for the Western Sahara conflict. It also requests that Putin urge Algeria to assume its responsibility and register the Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps.

The correspondence highlights the importance of acknowledging Morocco’s commitment to developing the Sahara socially and economically. It also calls upon the Russian President to urge the Polisario to show a real commitment to finding a resolution of the Sahara conflict by consulting with all the Sahrawis living in Tindouf.

The Moroccan Organization for Young Decision-Makers, the group that developed the initiative, stated that this is not the first time it has contacted a senior official about the Sahara Issue.

The group stated that it had previously contacted the Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs and an Advisor for the Swedish Minister of Interiorand had received a letter from each confirming that the requests included in their letters were being studied.

The statement explains that the goal of this most recent initiative is to improve the quality of parallel diplomacy and to defend Morocco’s national issues using a rational and effective methodology.

The initiative also hopes to encourage all young Moroccans to rely on a culture of dialogue and discussion to express their opinions in a constructive and effective manner.

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