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Moroccan Public Schools Should Emulate Royal Education: Ayouch

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Rabat – Noureddine Ayouch, the Chairman of Moroccan Darija Promotion Centre, has called for extensive educational reforms, saying that “Moroccan public schools should become like the schools of the King Mohammed VI’s children.”

In an interview with Moroccan daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, Ayouch said that “the King has to form a commission and be its president in order to reform the Moroccan educational sector.”

“The King should be the president of the committee for education reform backed by the help of the Prime Minister, of course. However, it will be the Head of the State who should determine the vision and the goals [of the project] and organize the necessary assessments. and then we will see how the process will be carried out.”

Ayouch went on to say that the decision should be made by the King is “to transform all the Moroccan public schools into the monarchical school,” adding that “the school where the King studied with some of his advisors as well as the Crown is an excellent model for the school that should required for all Morocco.”

Ayouch views that “if the King is responsible for the reform of the educational sector [then] he can make this decision, as he will be surrounded by experts and [can] get rid of the pressure of the politicians.”

He also called for a comprehensive change of the current institutions in charge of the educational sector, starting with the administrative presidents of the Ministry of Education.

“[They] should be changed because they are responsible for the deterioration of education in Morocco,” said Ayouch.

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