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Video: Will Smith Dances to Gnawa in Morocco

Rabat – A YouTube video of famous American actor Will Smith dancing to the rhythms of Gnawa is taking social media platforms by storm.

The eight-second video shows Smith surrounded by his friends, dancing to a Gnawa group playing the qraqab, the castanet-like instrument that provides the rhythmic foundation of the Islamic brotherhood’s music. In the video, Smith is wearing a sheshia, a hat adorned with cowrie shells worn by Gnawa practitioners during ceremonies.

After arriving in Morocco on Thursday, Smith paid a visit to Moroccan artists’ residence Al Maqam,  located in the village of Tahanaout approximately 30 kilometers outside of Marrakech.

Initially intended to be a two-hour long visit, Smith and his friends were so fascinatedthat the visit stretched to five hours.

When offered brushes and a canvas, Smith did not hesitate to try his creative hand. Under the watchful eye of a group of Moroccan artists and painters, Smith was only to unleash off talent, already honed for his role as a painter in the film, “The Redemption of Cain.”

Following his visit to the residence, pictures emerged showing Smith taking his lunch, eating Moroccan tagine. Smith also met both Moroccan artists Fadila El Gadi and Hassan Hajjaj.

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