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King Mohammed VI Wants Continue Working With PJD: Saad Eddine Othmani

King Mohammed Wants Continue Working With PJD Saad Eddine Othmani

Rabat – Morocco’s Newly appointed Head of Government Saad Eddien Othmani told reporters on Saturday that King Mohammed VI expressed his desire to continue working with the Justice and Development Party (PJD).

During the National Council of the PJD held Saturday in Salé, Othmani revealed what happened behind the scenes during his appointment by King Mohammed VI on Friday.

“The King informed me that he wants to continue working with the PJD,” Othmani said. “The King asked me to say “greet” all the party’s colleagues.”

Ahead of the meeting, Othmani told reporters that King Mohammed VI’s decision to replace him with Abelilah Benkirane “was unexpected and took [him] with surprise.”

Regarding his negotiations with other party leaders to form the government coalition, Othmani said that as of yet he has ‘no vision and no strategy,” noting that he would meet with the PJD’s to discuss the issue.

Othmani said that, after the meeting, the path of the negotiations will be clarified.

King Mohammed VI met with Othmani at the Royal Palace in Casablanca on Friday and appointed him new Head of Government following the dismissal of Benkirane for his inability to break the deadlock to form government over the past five months.

King Mohammed VI’s decision to appoint a new Head of Government from the PJD “was motivated, among all the other options granted to him by the letter and spirit of the constitution, by a desire to consolidate the democratic process and to preserve the achievements made by Morocco in this area,”according to a communique released by the Royal cabinet on Wednesday.

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