Home Economy Oxfam Launches New Project to Promote Tax Justice in Morocco

Oxfam Launches New Project to Promote Tax Justice in Morocco

Oxfam Launches New Project to Promote Tax Justice

Rabat – Oxfam has launched a tax justice program in an attempt to achieve a just distribution of resources and fiscal transparency in Morocco. The program aims to make the authorities more accountable to citizens, especially women and citizens in marginalized regions.

The “Tax Justice, Budget Monitoring and Citizen Participation” program aims to equip citizens, media institutions and civil society organizations with the skills and confidence to monitor public, national and local budgets and to propose projects that meet their real needs.

“The tax justice program will allow for a more equitable distribution of resources and budgetary transparency and will make the authorities more accountable to the needs of citizens, especially women and young people in marginalized areas and therefore access to their rights in education, health and social protection,” Oxfam said in a press release.

“The program also aims to strengthen the capacities of elected representatives and authorities at national and local level in order to achieve a more transparent and fair tax system, better access to information and more consultation with citizens” added Oxfam.

Oxfam also hopes that associations, trade unions, cooperatives, social movements and activists as well as the media will understand and appropriate the issues of public finance and socio-economic and territorial inequalities through this program. The organization intends for local authorities and elected representatives to begin taking into consideration the interests and practical needs of marginalized people.

The program is implemented with five associations: Transparency Maroc, Espace Associatif, Moroccan Women’s Democratic Association (ADFM), Alternative Citizenship Movement (ALCI) and the Third Millennium Development Association Of the Southeast Associative Action (ATMDAS).

These NGOs will work with more than 30 associations in the targeted regions of Rabat-Kénitra, Tanger-Tetouan, Fès-Meknès and Drâa-Tafilalet to ensure the effective implantation of the project.

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