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Casablanca’s George Washington Academy to Host 1st International Green Festival

By Safaa Kasraoui

Rabat – The NGO Green Council (GC) will organize the 1st International Green Festival on April 22 at the George Washington Academy (GWA) in Casablanca.

Through the festival, GC aims to highlight measures to preserve and protect the earth as well as to encourage its staff, students and their parents to contribute to the process of environmental conservation.

“The newly founded Green Council seeks to educate the student body, the staff, and parents on the matter of environmental awareness in hope to implement innovative mindsets and trigger a change in behavior within our community,” said GC in a press release.

GC will also devote an environmental zone for thematic discussions on various  issues related to environment and the measures people can take to help their community become greener.

“GC’s main goal is to show the importance of nature, and how it is in danger, then be able to propose a couple solutions to these horrors as well as celebrate cultural diversity,” the same source added.

The event will also host several activities, including cultural exchange programs which will provide international and national participants with the opportunity to represent their cultural backgrounds, music, and foods.

Since its inception in 2016, GC has been working on starting an Electronic Waste Recycling on its campus, as well as on the replacement of bottled water with reusable water bottles.

“GC started with testing their water’s purity and after discovering its outstanding purity the school has installed many water fountains. Their next step is to acquire the reusable bottles in order to successfully be able to replace the bottled water,” said GC

The festival will be organized in coordination with the GWA parents association.

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