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Alcohol Consumption on the Rise in Morocco


Rabat – Despite the heavy taxation on alcoholic beverages, consumption is still increasing by leaps and bounds in Morocco.

2017’s first quarter has recorded a seven percent jump in alcohol consumption, compared with the first three months in 2016’s ratio, reported Assabah in its April 5 edition.

When we look at a breakdown of this increase, beer occupies first place with a five percent increase, while spirits recorded a two percent growth.

The increase is mainly due to the joint campaign of the National Office of Health and Food Security (ONSSA) and the customs services in Morocco to stop smuggling of alcoholic beverages.

Summer typically accounts for 70 percent of Morocco’s annual liquor consumption. The arrival of Ramadan this year, just prior to the start of the summer season, will likely contribute to an increase in sales for the alcohol industry.

The absence of national and official statistics on the consumption of alcohol in Morocco makes it necessary to rely on research conducted by international institutes.

The Office of International Studies and Research on Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits, therefore, specifies that Moroccans consume approximately 120 million liters of alcoholic beverages, 68.3 percent of which is beer.

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