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Let’s Give Donald Trump the Credit He Deserves

US President Donald Trump Speaks about Missile Strikes in Syria

By Majid Morceli

San Francisco – I never thought that one day I would be praising Donald Trump, even for something he deserves. When he ordered the airstrikes against the butcher of Damascus, however, I could not just act as if nothing had happened and continue my dislike for the man who wants to ban people from 7 Muslim countries from entering the US. He is, after all, a man who claimed, “Islam hates us“ and that Muslims had celebrated 9/11.

Praising Trump does not mean that I suddenly approve of his treatment of Muslims. I do commend him, however, for standing up to Putin, the Russian dictator who has helped Bashar Al Assad massacre his own people and claimed that the military action Russia has undertaken is in the name of destroying ISIS.

Trump is not Obama, who claimed that there would be serious consequences if the Syrian regime crossed the line and used chemical weapons. Syria did cross the line and did use chemical weapons. Barack Hussein Obama did nothing, except negotiate a deal by virtue of which Syria would give up its chemical weapons. As we saw last week, the deal was obviously flawed. the Syrian dictator still had and used chemical weapons against his own people.

There will be those who say that the US does not need to get involved in Syria, that it is the Middle East’s problem, not a US problem. These people show be reminded the chaos in Syria was a direct result of the Obama administration’s handling of the situation. The Syrian people had not thought to rise up against their dictator until Obama encouraged them to evict Assad. Then, it was promised, the US would be on their side, the same way they had stood with the Libyan people when they killed Moammar Qaddafi. Instead, however, Obama watched as more than 400,000 Syrians were slaughtered and millions were forced to flee to the country. From his seat in the Oval Office, he did not lift a finger.

Obama’s last four years as President were more about working out a deal with Iran on is nuclear program. By focusing on achieving this goal ,he allowed Bashar to cross those chemical weapons lines and this will always stain his legacy. The lines appear only to have existed in Obama’s mind.

It only took Trump a few days to order the military to destroy the jets that were used to chemically gas innocent women and very young children. Trump may have been using anti-Islam sentiment to make his base happy, but he was still moved when he witnessed on television what he called “beautiful children” gasping for breath.

Trump could have just hidden behind his usual slogan “America first,” and looked the other way. He did not. He showed his human side when he decided to stand up to the Iranian, Russian and Syrian regimes. Trump or perhaps someone who has an influence on him, like his daughter, Ivanka, understood that, in order to make America great again, America needs to work with the rest of the world and do what is right.

Many of those who voted for him are not happy with his decision. They do not comprehend that America’s problems will not be solved through isolation.  They do not understand that America can only be great when it works with the people of the world. Trump himself would not have accumulated his fortune if he had not been dealing with people from all over the world, many of them Muslim.

Regardless of how we think of Trump, he is the only world leader who has had the courage to send a clear message to Bashar, particularly when, just few days before, his administration had announced that they were not against him staying in power.

I believe that being a grandfather himself and seeing children harmed in the most heinous and cowardly way, he was not able to look the other way as Obama, the man so many Muslims had  cheered for, had done.

Bashar al Assad just signed his own death warrant. He will never have a say or be a part of Syria’s future. Now let us hope that Trump wil go a step further and work towards putting an end to the Syrian tragedy and removing Assad from power.

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