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Video of Saad Lamjarred Dancing in Street in Paris Goes Viral

Rabat A YouTube video showing Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred dancing in the streets in Paris is taking social media platforms by storm.

Lamjarred, who was released from prison on Thursday after spending nearly six months in the Fleury-Merogis prison in France, appeared dancing to the rhymes of a beat played a street band.

He was arrested last October for the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old French woman and released from prison under electronic surveillance. He will, however, have to remain in France.

Electronic tagging involves the use of an electronic device, usually a tag fitted to the ankle of a prisoner, who is mandated to wear it upon release from prison.

Following his release, Lamjarred took to his Facebook and Instagram accounts to express his gratitude for the people who supported him throughout the period he had been incarcerated.

“Thank God Almighty. I can’t express how happy I am to come back to my dear parents and family, my friends and precious fans who stood by me from the beginning. Sorry I made you go through all this,” he said. “I thank my friend artists who shared with my parents every painful moment. I can’t thank you enough…my motto will always be: God, Country, King.”

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