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Othmani Calls on Ministers to Serve Their Country and Listen To Citizens

Moroccan Government lead by Saad Eddine Othmani Endorses Its Program Draft for Parliament Approval

Rabat – The new Head of Government, Saad Eddine Othmani, has urged ministers to work with each other honestly to best serve their country.

While chairing his first council of the government, Othmani reiterated his pride in being appointed as Head of Government, saying, “We are determined to be at the level of aspirations of Moroccans. We will have a rich tenure of assignments and achievements for the sake of Moroccan citizens and Morocco.”

“I urge to be at the level of responsibility by making efforts, because the ministers are not ordinary employees, but they are political officials,” he added.

He went on to urge the new ministers to serve Moroccans by showing a highest level of sincerity, honesty, and effort.

Othmani, who succeeded his partisan colleague Abdelilah Benkirane, said that “the government members should lend their ears to citizens, because the officials should be in the position of serving their country.”

“There should be a harmony between the government members by listening to each other, because the problems of the citizens are distributed among different sectors,” Othmani added.

Othmani went on further to call on the government ministers to listen as well to the government’s partners, including the opposition coalition, unions, and civic society, noting that “cooperation is basic.”

“Civil society manages to work in different fields.  Therefore, it is ready to propose, cooperate and compete,” Othmani continued. “The government needs positive interaction to improve and master its work.”

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