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Moroccan Journalists Launch Association for Advocacy and Training

BY Safaa Kasraoui

Rabat – A new assocation, the Forum for Young Journalists, is about to launch, aiming to support Moroccan journalists in Morocco by adovacting for “the freedom of press, the right to access information, and the right for vocational trainings for young journalists”.

The president of the association, Samy El Moudni, told Morocco World News that the association will focus on enhancing the abilities of media students and journalists and integrate their common issues into discussion of public and administrative regulations.

 ”The association is working hard to achieve its objectives through several activities, including preparing reports and memoranda in line with thematic discussions with the aim of promoting the right to access information and to ensure that people are able to exercise their constitutional rights freely,” explained El Moudny

He went on to add that the association is expected to organize several roundtables, seminars, and workshops related to media issues and arrange vocational sessions to benefit journalists and young people interested in the sector.

 “Regarding the funding, the Forum will stick to Moroccan Public institutions, in charge of Media and human rights as well as international organizations that share our goals”, he added.

 One of the associaton’s more ambitious goals is to offer vocational training 200 people with press credentials, following achieving a legal license from the administrative authorities.

The chairman of the coalition said that he also intends to encourage the involvement of women in the media sector, adding that the association’s executive bureau comprises 50 percent of women journalists.

“The association staff strongly encourages young journalists to contribute in the development of the national press sector,” he added.

Currently, El Moudni and the board are pursuing the necessary legal stages. “The Forum for Young Journalists, has presented its paperwork to the administrative authorities of the Rabat-Sale-Kenitra region, with the aim of obtaining a legal license”, he concluded.

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