Home Culture Urban Art to Take the “Street-Stage” at Mawazine Festival 2017

Urban Art to Take the “Street-Stage” at Mawazine Festival 2017

Urban Art to Take the “Street-Stage” at Mawazine Festival 2017

Rabat – 16th Annual Mawazine Festival  will devote an entire program to the celebration of street art, featuring live art, acrobatics shows, urban art performances, and nonstop entertainment on Rabat’s main streets.

Mawazine will expose festival goers to the music, dance, and acrobatic wonders of a number Moroccan urban art performers.

From May 13 to 16, Bakho Atika, one of the most popular Moroccan urban art performers will showcase their various talents, varying from comedy sketches to dance to the traditional genre Dakka Marrakchia.

Meanwhile, Oussama Band will give a circus performance,promising to take the audience on a breathtaking journey through what the festival has called their “passion, talent, and creativity.”

From May 17 to 20 May, Les Tambours du Maroc, a percussion group composed of fifteen talented music enthusiasts known for their “unlimited creativity,” will perform its mix of rhythms from around the world alongside striking choreographies.

The Casa Fiesta troupe will also partake in the urban street art program. Founded in Casablanca, the troupe brings together a team of percussionists and dancers inspired by a fusion of repertoires from Senegal, Egypt and Morocco. They are set to give a singing performance accompanied by Capoeira dance, a spectacular Brazilian material art that combines dance, acrobatics and music.

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