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Mounir Mahjoubi, the Moroccan Techie Behind Macron’s Surprise Campaign

Mounir Mahjoubi
Photo by AFP

Rabat – If French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is elected, you can at least partly thank Mounir Mahjoubi, the campaign’s young French-Moroccan digital communication expert.

Mahjoubi has caught the attention of many Moroccan and French news outlets curious to know more about the man behind Macron’s digital campaign.

Bright and successful

Compared to many young French-Moroccans, Mahjoubi had an exemplary higher education. Graduating from the prestigious Sciences Po in Paris and Columbia University in the US promised high prospects for his professional career.

The young French-Moroccan then joined cosmetics giant L’Oréal for a brief period before embarking on his own enterprising adventure, according to Le Monde.

One by one, Mahjoubi founded three companies: a communication agency Mounir & Simon, a community network for purchasing local productions, La Ruche qui dit oui, and a digital support network for start-ups in London and Paris, Le Bridge.

Later on he moved to BETC Digital, a Havas Group advertisement agency affiliate, before founding French Bureau, a business incubator, in 2016.

A political geek

Born in 1984 to a Moroccan working class family, Mounir Mahjoubi grew interested both in computer and politics.

As a young activist in the Socialist Party, the Moroccan digital geek used his knowledge to promote Ségolène Royale, the former Socialist candidate, in her bid for the presidency in 2007, by developing her campaign website.

Three years later he joined François Hollande for his successful 2012 presidential run, using the digital space to garner support for the current president of France.

Hollande then appointed him head of the National Digital Council (CCNum), a government advisory body on modern technologies. As head of CCNum, he had a spat with the then-Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazaneuve, over data enumeration.

En Marche

In January 2017 Mahjoubi resigned as CCNum president to join “En Marche”, the movement founded by the current front-runner in French presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron.

His previous experience as a digital communicator in Royal and Hollande’s campaigns made him a highly coveted expert. As Macron’s digital man, Mounir Mahjoubi successfully blocked many attempts to hack the e-mails campaign staff. While supporting the candidate’s bid for the presidency, Mahjoubi has also set his eyes on having a political career of his own.

In June he will be running for MP in the general elections. “We are trying to promote him. He is one of our major new figures”, a leading member of “En Marche” told the French-language magazine Jeune Afrique.

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