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Morocco: A ‘Darling Bud of May’, British Paper

Moroccan Tourism Sector: Impressive Growth in February
Moroccan Tourism Sector: Impressive Growth in February

Rabat – Expert travelers and beauty seekers have known for decades that Morocco, with its gorgeous landscapes and multicultural heritage, is an alluring and enlightening travel destination.

 For those who didn’t know, the British newspaper Daily Express has mentioned Morocco in its list of “The darling buds of May”, urging travelers to pay the country a visit during the spring month.

 The website says that the Kingdom is a perfect destination in the month of May, referring to a listing by Australian travel website Lonely Planet.

The Kingdom made it to the listing thanks to its “ideal temperature”, marvelous landscapes and flower festival. Daily Express reports that “Marrakech hovers in the high 20°C not too oppressive for wandering the souks; coastal Essaouira is a refreshing 20°C (68°F); and the Sahara is hot (30°C+; 86°F+) but more manageable than July to August (40°C+; 104°F+).”

 The Daring Buds of May article invited travelers to explore the red city of Marrakech and its “grandmother” Taroudant before wandering into the Atlas Mountains.

 It also made a special reference to the Valley of the Roses, at the High Atlas Mountains for being “particularly pretty during its mid-May flower festival.” In addition, it highlighted Mount Toubkal which, reaching 13,671 feet high, offers an adventurous hikes for adrenaline junkies and promises an unforgettable experience to whoever visits it.

For family excursions, Daily Express turned to the mountain village of Imlil, saying that it is “a good base for shorter, family-friendly excursions into Berber country,” adding that the village could be reached though various roads, while mules could be hired to carry baggage and even lift children.

The valleys of Morocco are “vibrantly green,” enjoying warm sunshine and lovely temperature, abd though they get a bit chilly at night, they remain a perfect destination for hikers.

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