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2137 Moroccans Changed Their Family Name in 2016

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Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Interior approved 2137 out of 2945 requests from Moroccans to change their family names, reported Moroccan daily newspaper Al Ahdath on Saturday.

The statistics and dates submitted during the discussion of the ministry’s budget show the High Commission in charge of family registration rejected 27 out of 36 requests calling for name changes. The Commission said that the requests of the names have foreign connotations and contain foreign terminology.

There is a law which allows for Moroccan citizens to change their names. It outlines a specific process for altering a Moroccan family name. If the name in question is foreign, the change can be made following a decision by the Head of Government.

The request can be sent by mail to the Ministry of Interior’s High Commission in charge of family registration. It should include the written opinion of the local authorities, a copy of the person’s birth certificate and a copy of the person’s criminal record.

There are certain criteria the request should meet. The request needs to include correspondence on behalf of the rest of the paternal family. The request must also adhere to established protocols to ensure that it abides by the law. Lastly, the newly chosen name should not undermine public order or religion.

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