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Casablanca to Exhibit South African Chef’s Photos of India “Untouchable”

Rabat – Casablanca’s Bissate gallery will open May 18 an exhibition entitled “Untouchable” by , a photographer and a chief cook from South Africa.

The exhibition will encompass a selection of photographs illustrating the artist’s journey in India, allowing him to express through his visual images the contradictions in the Indian cultural landscape.

“’Untouchable illustrates’ what I felt during my stay in India, a country full of contrasts,” explained Marais. The photographer went on to add that these contrasts are not confined to the Indian society, where divisions between rich and poor people are intense, but are rather something global.

The artist aims to use his creativity in order to transmit his emotions and sensations to the public.

The photographer payed his first visit to Morocco in 2012 and “fell in love with this country, the warmth of its people, food and its breathtaking landscapes.”

After obtaining his diploma from AAA School of Advertising, the artist decided to travel around the world, which is how he discovered his love for photography.

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