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By Eman Ech-chefaa

Rabat – DJ Snake made the audience at Mawazine’s OLM Souissi stage dance crazily its his unbelievably magical beats last night.

Performing songs like “Lean On”, which has more than 2 billion views on YouTube, the mind-blowing DJ made the night unforgettable. He also surprised the public by bringing the Rai music legend Cheb Khaled to perform with him some of his amazing tracks such as “Abdelkader Ya Bouaalam”.

DJ Snake Gives Rabat a 'Blast' at Mawazine

DJ Snake Gives Rabat a 'Blast' at Mawazine

The DJ seemed to have a good time, too. “Morocco is a country that I love so much,” were the first words that the legendary William Sami Etienne Grigahcine, known as DJ Snake, said during his press conference Wednesday.

He talked about his career, saying that success isn’t something you can be prepared for. He stressed that had been working hard for the past 10 years before finally achieving major results. He described his success as a “blast” and said that he thanks God every day, feeling blessed to see people around the world showing him love and support during his musical journey.

DJ Snake Gives Rabat a 'Blast' at Mawazine

He stressed that seeing himself performing in the biggest festival in Africa “Mawazine” was a huge thing for him.

In his early days, William grew up listening to his Algerian mother’s favourite songs, which he said you can feel through his own music. He claimed that his music aims to define where he comes from, what he likes and dislikes and what he’s aiming to represent.

On another side, the international icon emphasized the fact that he’s curious and interested in knowing about the electronic music scene in the Arab world, especially in North Africa. He said he’s open collaborations with any genre of music from any country, since he likes diversity.