Home International News El-Sisi: Egypt’s Recovery Depends on the Stability of Middle East

El-Sisi: Egypt’s Recovery Depends on the Stability of Middle East

El-Sisi: Egypt’s Recovery Depends on the Stability of Middle East

Rabat – Egyptian President, Abdelfattah El-Sisi, has stated that Egypt will not be able to “recover” unless other Arab countries are rescued from their crises, especially Syria.

During the second part of a discussion with local newspaper editors-in-chief, Egypt’s President, Abdelfattah El-Sisi, said that Egypt’s recovery is contingent on solving the regional crises in the Middle East.

El-Sisi, who promised the Egyptians radical reforms during the first two years of his term as president, pointed out:

“We refuse that the Syrian people and the Syrian regime continue to be prisoners of extremist terrorist groups. Egypt will not recover unless the other Arab countries are saved from their crises.”

El-Sisi added the he hoped Egypt’s political role in solving these crises will be positive and help to find a solution “in the framework of maintaining the integrity of Syria and the respect of the will of the Syrians.”

The Coup President, also commented on Egyptian-Sudanese bilateral relations, saying that they are characterized by “extreme privacy” and transcended the phase of strategic partnership and to the phase of “shared destiny.”

“I always call the Sudanese President and I refuse all attempts to jeopardize the relations between the two countries.”

Regarding the Libyan crises, El-Sisi stated that he is “satisfied” with Egypt’s role in solving the catastrophe. He highlighted that the lifting of the arms

embargo on Libya’s national army is the basis for achieving stability and the return of the state.

“Libya is a neighboring country and its stability has a direct effect on our national security,” he said, expressing Egypt’s commitment to “contribute positively” to finding political solutions to the crises.

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