Rabat - Thousands of Al Hoceima residents filled the city's streets Thursday evening to protest the accusations that they are “drifting to separatism.” Rejecting the government’s claims that the protests are funded by foreign sources, they reiterated their demands for social and economic development.

King Mohammed VI to Launch Socio-Economic projects in Fez King Mohammed VI arrived on Wednesday evening in Fez for a couple days official visit. During his visit, the King, who recently cancelled his visit to Agadir, is set to launch socio-economic projects. On the other hand, the retailers of Kissariat Al Kifah, a mall is nestled in between University of Al Quaraouiyine and Moulay Idriss Mausoleum, have impatiently waiting for the King’s visit to launch the mall. However, it might not be launched, according to the retailers. “The constructions have started in September 2016 and it was expected to be completed in January 2017,” a retailer told Morocco World News. The mall, which is named Al Kifah (fight) after its residents were combatting the French colonization, currently includes 500 shops and offer indirectly thousands of job opportunities, is meanwhile dusty due to the reform of the retailers to their shops. The upcoming holy month of Ramadan, which is scheduled to start on May 28 is the seasonal prosperous month for the Fez retailers. “The mall might totally be completed within 15 days because it is dusty following the ongoing constructions,” the retailer continued. “We received only MAD 3500 from the authorities to reform our shops.” The mall is regarded the stem of the traditional and handcrafts products in Morocco. The King’s last visit was in June 2016. He launched the refurbishment and rehabilitation of 27 of the monuments of the old medina of the city. He had visited several historic sites, including the Terrafine bridge, built by Zenete emir Dunas in the eleventh century, Sebbaghine Souk, which dates back to the Zenete era in the tenth century, madrasas Mohammadia, founded in the late thirteenth century and renovated by Sultan Mohammed V in the twentieth century.
Youssef Igrouane is a Morocco World News correspondent in Rabat.