Israeli Culture Minister Sparks Outrage with Dress Depicting Jerusalem

Israeli Culture Minister Sparks Outrage with Dress Depicting Jerusalem

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Israeli Culture Minister Sparks Outrage with Dress Depicting Jerusalem, Pro-Palestinians Fire Back
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Rabat – Israel’s Culture and Sports Minister, Miri Regev, sparked outrage by wearing a dress emblazoned with the skyline of Jerusalem on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.

Regev walked the red carpet wearing a long skirt bearing an image of Jerusalem’s landscape.

The Dome of the Rock mosque and Haiit Al Buraq, which the Israelis call the Wailing Wall, could be seen along the bottom of the skirt.

The minister, who is of Moroccan origin, commissioned the dress from an Israeli designer to mark the 60th anniversary of the Six Days War, which Arabs called “the Second Naqba” (catastrophe).

During the war, Arab nations were defeated and subsequently lost control over East Jerusalem in addition to the West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian peninsula of Sinai.

Regev’s “provocation” prompted instant retaliation on social media from pro-Palestinians.

Activists photo-edited the minister’s dress, swapping out the emblazoned skyline of Jerusalem for Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and the Separation Wall, which divides Jerusalem from the West Bank.

According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, the Israeli minister dismissed criticism by saying that “Jerusalem is not a provocation.”

She added that “it was lovely to see how much affection the dress received at Cannes.”

Nonetheless, her demeanor was criticized by even some Israelis.

“Such disrespect for the most important, prettiest, most complete and most ancient religious structure in the Middle East. A tremendous shame,” said Haaretz journalist Nir Hason.

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