Home Economy Ministry of Urban Planning: 800,000 Housing Units Created by 2021

Ministry of Urban Planning: 800,000 Housing Units Created by 2021

Ministry of Urban Planning: 800,000 Housing Units Created by 2021. Morocco

Rabat – Morocco is encouraging social housing with a new program initiated by the Ministry of Urban Planning to build 800,000 housing units by 2021.

Fatna Lkhiyel, Secretary of State for Housing, said on Thursday in Rabat that the aim of this program is to reduce housing deficit by fifty-percent through the four upcoming years.

This program will allow for the processing of applications of half of the 120,000 families set to receive improved housing under the national program “Cities without Slums” by 2021. The program will also provide for the urban regeneration of informal settlements to improve the housing conditions of more than 200,000 households and the renovation of 37,000 buildings.

During the presentation of the draft sector budget of her department in front of the Committee of Interior, Territorial Communities, Housing and City Policy in the Chamber of Advisors, Lkhiyel said that the focus will also be on activating the role of the National Agency for Urban Renewal.  Lkhiyel also discussed creating a range of housing for families in need, revising the middle-class support policy and promoting housing that encourages participation and solidarity.

In terms of access to housing, she said that the Ministry aims to reach an estimated annual production of 170,000 units, revise existing programs, take new measures to provide housing and improve the rental housing sector.

Lkhiyel also proposed new measures for the promotion of middle and low income housing, monitoring and assistance of activities of housing associations and cooperatives, as well as the creation of a national observatory for the supervision and prospecting of the sector.

Moreover, the Secretary of State for Housing said that her department has identified a set of strategic objectives to be reached in the various fields within its scope. This announcement affirms that the department is aware of the scale of the challenges in addressing access to housing and understanding that the project  requires the synergy and collaboration with its partners.

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