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Morocco Approves Draft Law on ‘Compulsory Medical Insurance’ for Self-Employees

By Chaimaa Zahaar

Rabat – The House of Representatives unanimously approved in a plenary session on Tuesday draft law No. 15.98 on the compulsory medical insurance system concerning self-employed and independent workers.

The draft law is part of the Kingdom’s commitment to expand national health coverage by 2025 for these groups, representing about 11 million beneficiaries and 30 percent of the population.

The Minister of Health, Hussein Al-Wardi said in his presentation of the contents of the draft law that the law aims to establish health coverage for the benefit of independent and self-employed workers and enshrines the principle of compulsory participation in this system, in addition to modernizing the treatments similar to those granted to private sector workers.

The minister added that the new law will be framed by a regulatory text with an allocation to the National Fund for Social Security independently of the management of other systems. Al-Wardi stressed on the importance of establishing comprehensive health coverage for all citizens, in line with the constitutional requirements and international covenants, which stipulate the right of everyone to equal treatment, health care, and health coverage.

The majority of the teams within the parliament were pleased with the draft law, stressing that the text,  considered as a “national gain,” will elevate Morocco in the ladder of human development indicators and will contribute to the achievement of equality in providing medical care. The opposition teams appreciated the draft law, warning the government of unbalances in the health sector.

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