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Gulf Crisis: Qataris Tease Saudi Arabia with Pictures of Moroccan Milk

Rabat- Pictures of cardboard containers of milk produced by Moroccan companies have gone viral on social media in the Gulf countries.

Qatari social media users have shared pictures of the “Moroccan” milk to tease Saudis over the embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain following their decision to sever ties with Qatar over its alleged support of terrorism and undermining of their national security.

Morocco and Turkey have both sent food supplies to Qatar to alleviate the sanctions imposed by its sister countries. Rabat and Ankara entertain good relations with Doha.

Despite facing this dramatic situation, Qataris seem to have kept their sense of humor.

A massive wave of sarcasm spread on social media in the country as a reaction to a comment by a Saudi analyst who said that “the Qatari stomach can’t get used to Turkish food.”

The pictures of Moroccan milk were widely posted and shared on Twitter along with funny comments.

“Moroccan milk has arrived. To your health. I don’t need to remind you of the benefits of Moroccan milk on the Qatari stomach,” reads a tweet.

Another tweet humorously commented: “After Turkish milk, Moroccan milk is now in the markets. Before you say anything, the Qatari stomach is ready.”

In addition to adopting a neutral position vis-à-vis the Gulf crisis, Morocco has sought to mediate between the quarreling states.

King Mohammed VI is known to be a personal friend of the leaders of the Gulf countries, and the Kingdom is seen as a major Gulf ally.

Earlier in June, the monarch sent the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita as an envoy to the Gulf to mediate the crisis and express Morocco’ support for the Kuwaiti initiative to try to put an end to the unprecedented dispute that threatens to disintegrate the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), seen as the only successful Arab bloc.

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