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Morocco ‘Independent’ in Gulf Crisis, ‘Will Not Give Up’ on Allies: MP

GCC Leaders, including Emir of Qatar with King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Rabat – Moroccan member of the House of Representatives Abdelatif Ouahbi has said that Morocco is not taking sides in the current crisis between the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

In an opinion article sent to Morocco World News, the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) MP writes that the Kingdom’s decision to send food supply to Qatar following the embargo imposed on it by other Gulf countries “should not be interpreted as taking sides with this or that party.”

Morocco affirmed its support for the Gulf’s security, but at the same time it did not cut ties with Qatar,” writes Ouahbi. “Everybody knew that Morocco is independent its decisions.”

The MP goes on to say that Morocco’s policy is based on constantly striving to achieve international peace and security, adding that at the same time Morocco “will not give up on its allies and friends when there are disagreements between them.”

“This position does not mean siding with or against anyone. It is for everybody’s benefit,” explains Ouahbi.

Morocco’s choice for non-alignment in the Gulf crisis, Ouahbi suggests, is a wise decision taken by King Mohammed VI.

He states that not taking sides in such a crisis is in the interest of Arab countries, explaining that the Kingdom’s position serves all at a time where conflicts and tensions between Arab states will expose them to more dangers and manipulations by regional and international powers.

Earlier in June, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, along with other allies from the Arab world and elsewhere, announced they would cut ties with Qatar for allegedly supporting terrorism and undermining the security of Gulf states.

Qatar rejected the accusations which it called “unfounded.” Morocco abstained from joining in the general campaign against Qatar.

King Mohammed VI, who leads the Kingdom’s diplomacy, has sent foreign minister Nasser Bourita to mediate between the Gulf leaders, with whom the king entertains very good relationships.

Ouahbi stated that Morocco’s position is “for the benefit of all. It is for building the future because the region’s destiny lies in mutual cooperation, healthy dialogue, and having a long-term vision.”

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