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French Elections: Moroccan Candidates Win Several Parliamentary Seats

Eric Cabanis/AFP via Getty Images
Eric Cabanis/AFP via Getty Images

Rabat – Several Moroccan candidates in France’s parliamentary elections have won seats at the National Assembly.

During the second round of the elections held on Sunday, a number of Moroccan candidates representing France’s presidential coalition, some of them young politicians, managed to get elected as members of parliament.

Their success is partly due to the overall win of their party, President Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche, and its main ally Mouvement démocrate (MoDem).

In the 1st constituency of Rennes, En Marche’s Mustapha Laabid secured a decisive win with 61.85 percent of the votes. Two others of his co-party members, Fiona Lazaar, 31, and Mounir Mahjoubi, 33, won seats in both the 5th and 16th constituencies of Val d’Oise and Paris.

Lazaar won 59,72 of the votes while Mahjoubi, who currently holds a government position as a Secretary of State for Digital Technology, won 51.18 percent of the votes.

El Mahjoubi previously came under the spotlight as the man behind Macron’s digital communication during his presidential campaign.

Sarah El Hairy, a 28-year-old representing MoDem, snatched victory in the 5th constituency of Rennes with 61.02 percent of cast votes.

The list of other successful candidates include Mohamed Laqhila, of the party MoDem, who won 50.95 percent of the votes in the 11th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône, Naima Moutchou of En Marche in the 4th constituency, and M’jid El Guerrab, also from the president’s party, who won a the 9th constituency’s parliamentary seat, representing French citizens living in North and West Africa.

El Guerrab defeated the controversial senator of Algerian descent, Leila Aichi, who was accused of being pro-Polisario.

While En Marche and MoDem’s Moroccan candidates performed well, elections saw two former Socialist ministers of Moroccan origins endure a bitter defeat. Najat Belkacem, member of the Socialist Party (PS) and former minister of education and her co-party member, Myriam El Khomri, the former minister of labour, both failed to get elected as MPs.

Belkacem lost against En Marche candidate Bruno Bonnell in the 6th constituency, while El Khomri failed to beat out right-wing candidate Pierre-Yves Bournazel in the 18th constituency in Paris, thus failing to preserve what had been a Socialist stronghold for four decades.

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