Home Cuisine Video: Foreigners Experience Delights Of Rabat’s Medina Food

Video: Foreigners Experience Delights Of Rabat’s Medina Food

Foreigners Experience Delights Of Rabat’s Medina Food

Rabat – International Morocco World News reporters, Zoe Zuidema and Gosuke Kawano, have explored the medina of Rabat, capturing their food experiences on video.

There are three key phases to experiencing the full effect of Moroccan cuisine.  First, it’s helpful to close your eyes and breathe in the aromas. Open your lungs to full capacity and let the fresh ingredients and exotic Moroccan spices transport you to another world.

When you open your eyes, the first thing you will notice are colours; reds, oranges, yellows and greens as fresh vegetables, and succulent meat play contentedly together in their pool of Moroccan love.

Lastly, hold your breath as that first taste of Morocco enters your mouth.  Then, slowly let it out and let the full effect of the flavours greet you. Miraculously, no single flavour ever seems to overpower another one. Every dish is a perfect Moroccan marriage.

The same can be said for Moroccan street food. There is no end to the gastronomic delights you can find in the Morocco souk. Take a walk with Morocco World News as our intrepid reporters explore Moroccan street cuisine on a trip through a Rabat souk, everything from fresh fish and a chicken sandwich, to unique beverages and melt-in-your-mouth pastries are waiting to be sampled.

These foods may not all promise to be kind to your hips, but your taste buds will never be happier that you decided to go for a stroll through an authentic Moroccan souk.

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