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Moroccan Heat Wave Continues: Monday Sees Highs of 45 Degrees Celsius

Weather: Rising Temperatures Ahead

Rabat – High temperatures will persist Monday as the temperature will peak at 45 degrees in most cities of the kingdom, the Directorate of National Meteorology has announced.

A heat wave is expected to hit in the interior of the country, especially the southeast, the eastern Saharan provinces, and the plains of Tadla and Rehamna.

Low clouds and drizzle are expected on the central and western coasts of the Mediterranean coast.

Foggy mornings will persist in numerous regions on the northern and central coasts.

A moderate to fairly steady wind from the area will blow in Tangier. It will be weak to moderate and in the southeast, from north to west on the northern plains, and from north to variable elsewhere.

Temperatures between 41 to 45 degrees are expected to hit eastern southern provinces, southeastern regions and Tadla plains.

Heat waves between 37 to 41 degrees are forecasted in the southeast, Saiss, Loukouss, El Gharb, Chaouia, Abda, Chiadma, Souss, and the west of the southern provinces.

Temperatures between 30 to 35 degrees are expected to hit on the Rif and the north of the oriental, while temperatures between 25 and 32 are expected in the coasts and reliefs of the Atlas.

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