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Expat living conditions are better in Morocco than in France, UAE, and Sweden: InterNations

Rabat – Morocco’s friendliness, climate, and ease of settling in have put the country above the likes of France, UAE, and Sweden as one of the best places for expats to live, according to Expat Insider 2016.

Based on surveys of more than 14,000 expats living in 191 countries, Morocco ranked the 35th top expat destination in InterNations’ Expat Survey 2016.

The chart was topped by Taiwan, Malta, and Ecuador as the best places for expats to live, while Kazakhstan, Ireland, and Turkey came in last.

In terms of expat quality of life, Morocco was placed 38, above Belgium, Russia and Ireland. The leisure options available in the country landed Morocco as the30th in leisure, ahead of Brazil, Canada, and Germany.

The survey found that personal happiness of expats in Morocco, which ranked 27th position, was above happiness recorded in USA, Japan and Germany. The survey findings also showed that expats in Costa Rica, Malta, and Mexico are the happiest.

Travel and transportation conditions of expats in Morocco are worse than they are in Greece, Italy, and Finland, but they are better than in the USA, Bahrain, and Australia.

Health and well being of expats in the Morocco were placed as the world’s 46the best. Though Morocco’s position appears to be relatively low, the survey indicated that expats’ health in the country isbetter than in Russia, Ukraine, and Ireland. In terms of climate, Morocco was placed the top ten, along Malta, Costa Rica, and Greece.

Morocco came in number 34 for safety and security, one position below France and above Chile.

Expats settle in Morocco easier than in Germany, Belgium, and Italy, but harder than in the United Kingdom, UAE, and Vietnam, according to the survey. They also feel more welcomed in Morocco more than they do in Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

According to Expat Index, Morocco is considered the 27th friendly country in the world and the 31st country where expats are more likely to make friends.

On an economic ground, Morocco is considered the 39th best country for working abroad. Expats are more likely to find jobs and careers in Morocco than in Netherlands, South Africa, and Norway.

Sitting one position below France, Morocco is considered by the index as the 28th country where expats’ work life is balanced.

The survey also indicated that the cost of living in Morocco is cheaper than in Bahrain, Uganda, and Tanzania, while it is more expensive to live in the kingdom than Taiwan, Philippines, and Mexico.

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