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‘Biblio-Beach’ to Promote the Culture of Reading in El Jadida

El Jadida Inaugurates the First Moroccan Beach Library

Rabat – Book lovers are getting ready for the fourth annual Biblio-Beach event in El Jadida’s  Deau ville beach and Nour El Kamar square August 10 to 28, organized by the Association of Friends of This Library and the Association New Pages.

Under the theme ” Reading, Travel and Discovery,” the event works to make books available to residents andadvocate for reading and writing.

Spanning 18 days in the Atlantic coastal city of El Jadida, the event will feature explorations of poetry, novels, and painting led by writers and intellectuals from different backgrounds, such as Ahmed Bouzfour and Ouadiâ Dada.

Established in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the prefecture of El Jadida, the initiative also offers activities and workshops for children, as a means of getting young people more involved in reading and writing.

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