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Hassad Announces Measures to Improve Moroccan Education System

Hassad Announces Measures to Improve Moroccan Education System

Rabat – Mohamed Hassad, Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, has presented a set of measures intended to improve the Moroccan educational system during the 2017-2018 school year.

Speaking on Monday to the House of Representatives, Hassad unveiled the Education Commission’s new actions which he intends to put in place before the beginning of the new academic year.

The minister plans to increase the educational workforce by offering 24,000 teaching positions before the upcoming academic year. The Ministry of Education recruited lately 11,000 teachers in order to rectify the lack of educators in the kingdom.

Hassad also intends to fight overcrowded classrooms in public schools, which make learning a huge challenge in Morocco. He outlined a strategy to reduce the number of students in class, aiming for 30 pupils per class in the first grade of primary schooling and 40 per class for the five other levels.

During his presentation, Hassad also announced that 55 new schools will be opened across the kingdom, including 26 in rural areas and 10 boarding facilities. He added that other educational establishment will be expanded. Hassad said that the ministry aims to construct 1,948 additional classrooms as soon as possible.

The minister also plans to renew 13,543 schools and improve the classroom environment, notably by changing schools’ equipment, including students tables, paintings, blackboards and teachers’ desks.

Improving students’ linguistic skills is at the heart of primary education strategy. The minister plans on introducing French classes in the first year of primary education.

The minister desires also to improve the Arabic language reading skills for the three middle school grades.

Concerning higher education in the kingdom, Hassad has announced that enrollment in universities would take place between September 1 and 9. He added that three new institutions will open their doors in the upcoming academic year: the University of Law, Economies, and Social Sciences in Tetouan and two Higher Schools of Technology (EST) in Kenitra and Sidi bennour.

He continued that four university housings are due to open their gates for students in Nador, Safi and Agadir. These new buildings will provide students with a spatial capacity for additional 6,140 beds. Hassad went on to add that four university restaurants will open in El Jadida, Settat, Safi, and Nador.

The minister also pledged to facilitate transportation means for the benefit of Moroccan students nationally and internationally. He desires to offer national students with preferential cards. For

Moroccan students who pursuit their studies in foreign countries, Hassad aims to provide them with free flight tickets.

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