Home Culture ‘Sabona’: Bombacomique Parodies Saad Lamjarred’s Latest Single,‘Let Go’

‘Sabona’: Bombacomique Parodies Saad Lamjarred’s Latest Single,‘Let Go’

Rabat – Moroccan comedy group Bombacomique has managed to parody Saad Lamjarred’s latest hit, “Let Go”, just two days after it was released.

The parody video, entitled “Sabona” (“soap” in Moroccan Arabic), uses Lamjarred’s song to poke fun at the “fooling” of Moroccans by their public officials.

The lyrics blame the government for failing to fulfill its duties and accuse “unknown” officials of corruption and stealing public funds.

The humorist SKIZOFRENE and other band members have remained faithful to the original rhythm and melody of the single, offering the audience a funny piece of musical art.

“Let Go” managed to reach 10 million views since its release less than 3 days ago.

Lamjarred’s hit is seen as referencing the artist’s recent imprisonment for suspicion of sexual assault, as it was written and composed during his pre-trial detention.

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