Home News Two Barcelona Terrorist Suspects Released Due to Lack of Evidence: Spanish Court

Two Barcelona Terrorist Suspects Released Due to Lack of Evidence: Spanish Court

Spain Denies Claim That Authorities Were Warned About Barcelona Terror Attacks in May

Rabat – Two suspects in the recent Barcelona terror attacks have been conditionally released due to a lack of evidence against them, the Spanish high court has announced.

The alleged suspects, Mohammed Aalla and Salah El Karib, were released this week by the Spanish court for lack of evidence necessary to keep them in custody.

On Tuesday, the court’s investigating judge freed Aalla after he claimed that the Audi A3 car, which was used in the Cambrils attack was his. According to international media, Aalla said before the court that “the vehicle was registered under his name for insurance purposes, but was used by his brother.’’

The judge then ordered his release due to the insufficient evidence.

The second freed suspect, El Karib, was released on Thursday after having been arrested for booking a plane ticket for one of the Barcelona attack suspects from the cybercafé he ran in the town of Ripoll, where the terror cell is believed to have been based.

The two freed suspects are prohibited from leaving Spain and will have to appear before court once a week.

Two vehicular attacks were committed on August 17 in Catalonia in northeastern Spain, killing 14 and injuring at least 100 others of 18 different nationalities in the touristic center of Barcelona.

The terror attacks were committed by a 12-member cell. Seven members of the alleged cell were killed by the Spanish authorities at the crime scene. Another, Youness Abouyaaqoub, was killed on Monday after he fled from the police the previous Friday.

According to Spanish authorities, 11 members of the cell have been identified.

The Telegraph claimed that three of the suspects killed were aged between 17 and 23:
Moussa Oukabir, Mohammed Hychami, and Said Aallaa, as named by Spanish media.

The other suspects are Omar Hychami and Houssaine Ayouaaguoub, “who is presumed to be a family member of Younes Aouyaaquoub, the suspected driver of the Ramblas van who remains on the run,” added the Telegraph.

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