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Hajj 2017: Pilgrims Celebrate Day of Arafat Amid Calls for Muslim Unity

Hajj 2018: 2 Million Muslim Pilgrims Gather at Mount Arafat Monday
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Rabat – Around two million pilgrims are celebrating the Day of Arafat in Saudi Arabua on Thursday where they are performing the Hajj, Islam’s fifth tenet.

A far larger numbers of those who did not have the opportunity to travel for Hajj are fasting the day that precedes Eid Al Adha, where Muslims sacrifice sheep according to the Abrahamic tradition.

During the Day of Arafat, pilgrims travel a distance of 20 kilometers from Mina to the Mount of Arafat, outside the holy city of Mecca, where they remain until the evening prayer of Al Maghrib.

Mount Arafat is known to Muslims as the site from where Prophet Muhammad delivered his final sermon, known as the sermon of farewell, before he passed away 14 centuries ago.

In another significant sermon, Sheikh Saad bin Nasir, a prominent Saudi Muslim cleric, took today’s holiday to urged followers of the faith around the world to unite.

Bin Nasir said Muslims should avoid nationalism, ethnicism, and group segegration.

He also called on them to stick to the true teachings of Islam, which he said had no relation to the acts of violence currently being committed in the name of the religion.
“Islam prohibits terrorism, violence, and bloodshed,” said the Saudi sheikh.

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