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Moroccan Schools to Suspend Classes 12-3 P.M. on Fridays for Prayer

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Rabat – Classes will be suspended on Fridays from noon to 3 p.m. to allow teachers and students to attend the Friday prayer, the Minister of National Education, Mohamed Hassad, has announced.

The ministry made the decision in order to allow students and teachers to fulfill their religious duties without disrupting the course of education.

The minister said that “the decision comes in line with Morocco’s religious principles.”

“This does not require debate,” said Hassad in a video filmed in the Parliament. “You simply cannot ask a student in middle or high school tostay in class while the imam is calling for the Friday prayer.”

For him, it is better to suspend classes for a few hours than hold them while some students and teachers are absent, said the minister.

The announcement comes soon after Hassad ordered regional academies to make the national anthem mandatory in Moroccan schools.

The minister addressed a letter to the directors of the regional academies on Wednesday, in which he called on the kingdom’s schools to sing the national anthem on the first and last day of every week.

“Given that the national anthem provides a patriotic feeling, love for the nation, itsvalues, history, and identity […] I am honored to ask you all to make the national anthem an organized practice and an important moment for pupils, teachers, and all schools officials,” wrote Hassad.


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