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Moroccan Singer Samira Said to Return Permanently to Morocco

Morocco’s Samira Said Receives Birthday Gift from her Fans

Rabat – Moroccan singer Samira Said has decided to return definitively to her homeland, Morocco, according to woman magazine, Sayidati.

The singer, who settled in Egypt at a young age, explained that even if she is to end her international singing career, she has the financial means to live in her country of origin.

Tt is “better to be close to her family at my age,” the 59-year-old singer told the magazine.

Honored with several international awards for her bestselling albums, Samira Said that throughout her long career she has never felt pretentious.

“I’m not pretentious and I hate pride. For me, any artistic work that pleases my audience is enough to make me happy.”

The singer, who has an estimated net worth of $430 million in 2017, according to vipfaq, said that “I am like your everyday woman, said Ben Said, I do my shopping myself and I take care of my home myself. “

In a 2014 interview with Moroccan newspaper Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki, she expressed her intention to return to Morocco for good.

“I intend to return to Morocco, while keeping my personal and professional ties in Egypt, where my artistic activities will take place. That’s my decision. It is final. I have matured and I need to go back to live with my family. I have reached the age where one needs to be constantly surrounded by one’s close ones and friends.”

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