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12 New Eco-Friendly Buses to Hit Marrakech’ Streets September 28

12 New Eco-Friendly Buses to Hit Marrakech' Streets September 28, Climate change, Green energy, Green buses, Morocco, Green business

Rabat – Twelve out of twenty-five eco-friendly buses will hit the streets of the city of Marrakech after successful tests, reported the Justice and Development Party (PJD) online spokesperson pjd.ma.

The new environmentally-friendly buses were introduced at the 22nd edition of the Climate Change Conference of the Parties 2016 (COP22), which took place in Marrakech back in November 2016.

The Environmentally-friendly busses services will be taken over by Spanish bus company Alsa.

According to Ahmed El Moutassadik, deputy mayor of Marrakech, this decision was taken following a meeting between Mohamed Larbi Belcaid, the city’s mayor and Abdelfattah Lebjioui, the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi region in the presence of officials of institutions and authorities concerned.

The eco-friendly vehicles are expected to be 12 meters long and have a capacity of 71 seats. The busses will also ensure accessibility for disabled people. The other 13 buses are expected to be operational later in 2017.

The Spanish company has already set up the prices for the new buses services. Moroccans will have to pay MAD 100 per day and MAD 150 for two days, while foreigners have to pay MAD 150 per day and MAD 200 for two days, according to Moroccan media.

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