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Moroccan-Spanish Security Cooperation Is ‘Invaluable’: Spanish Interior Minister

Moroccan-Spanish Security Cooperation Is ‘Invaluable’: Spanish Interior Minister

Rabat Juan Ignacio Zoido, Spain’s Interior Minister has again commended Morocco and Spain’s collaboration to fight terrorism, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

In an interview published by the Spanish daily newspaper La Razon, Zoido said that the
Moroccan-Spanish security collaboration is invaluable. He continued that Morocco is a “friendly country, a partner, and an ally to Spain in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.”

Zoido added that “the close collaboration between Spain and Morocco in counterterrorism
matters allowed the authorities to conduct 12 joint operations, which resulted in the arrest of 175 jihadists.”

The Spanish minister explained that the terrorist threat “has many facets” and sees “constant evolution,” making the need to provide all efforts to curb the terror threat even more necessary.

“It is only through unity and international cooperation that we can put an end to terrorism, which seeks to destroy our way of life,” said Zoido.

The minister stressed that the “alarming rapidity” of radicalization imposes the need to work within the European Union in order to prevent and fight against terrorism.

The minister also pointed out that “information exchange and preventive intelligence should be strengthened,” adding that “it is also necessary to promote analyst’s meetings and investigations on terrorist organizations.” Zoido also called for the establishment of new joint investigations within the framework of the EU.

In August, Zoido paid an official visit to Rabat, where he met Morocco’s security officials,
including Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit.

Zoido’s visit was devoted to “an exchange at the highest level” with the Moroccan authorities about the investigation into the Barcelona terror attacks, which lead to the death of 16 people in August.

Following the Barcelona terror incidents, Zoido praised the security cooperation and the
efforts made by the Moroccan and Spaniard security forces in fighting terrorism.

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