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UN: African Petitioners Defend Morocco’s Sovereignty Over Western Sahara

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Rabat – Petitioners have appealed to the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly to review  historical record  the Kingdom of Morocco’s presence in Western Sahara, as a means of shedding light on the struggle of Morocco for its independence and of defending Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

Researcher Samuel Paciencia, of the association Youth Movement, recalled that Morocco, having had the “bad fortune” of being colonized by two imperial powers, had to “negotiate and recover its territories in stages spread from 1956 to 1975.”

The researcher emphasized that the Sahara has never been a “distinct territory” from other regions of Morocco. Paciencia invited “skeptics” to read the true history of Morocco and its southern borders, not the “political propaganda sites” or NGOs, and who he said are interested only in secessionist movements in developing countries.

“The true history of the process of decolonization in Morocco explains amply that the recovery of the Sahara by Morocco is only a natural completion of its territorial integrity,” Paciencia said.

Former Zambian Finance Minister, Grace Njapau said the question of Sahara as a decolonization issue is an “affront, and a totally biased reading of history.”

The question of the Sahara, she stressed before an audience of international lawyers, human rights experts and parliamentarians, is nothing but a “legacy of the decaying ideology of the Cold War,” which hinders “the march of North Africa towards a brighter and more prosperous future” and presents a “major obstacle” to the integration and development of the region.

“Africa has begun the process of its reconstruction,” which Njapau said greatly needs peace and development. “A negotiated political solution to the question of the Sahara is of particular importance in the culmination of this project,” she concluded.

The UN’s Forth Committee is a Special Political and Decolonization Committee that deals with a variety of subjects which include those related to decolonization, Palestinian refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space, public information, atomic radiation, and the University for Peace.

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