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How to Improve Your Elevator Speech

How to Improve Your Elevator Speech

Rabat – An “elevator pitch,” or “elevator speech” (a job interview, business meeting, networking, etc.) as well as an “elevator statement” (mission or vision) are concise descriptions used to present someone or something in order to get a point across quickly and grab someone’s attention.

“Tell me about yourself… What do you do? Where do you see yourself in eight years? Why do you want this job?” We have all encountered the traditional job interview questions that seem to pervade every potential professional situation.

Interviewing requires a certain level of preparedness and research on the company, its organizational structure and culture, its business relationships, and most importantly, knowledge of the specific role you are seeking.

Whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned job seeker, a networking event host or a business presenter, the circumstances are the same: you have two to five minutes to make your case and to make the right impression. Preparing your pitch is key. You need to practice your speaking voice until your speech comes out naturally and confidently.

First, start brainstorming your “elevator speech” by preparing for some typical interview questions: what is the job position you’re applying for? Who is your contact person? Where have you worked before? When is your first availability date? Why are you interested in this role? How did you hear about this position? And so on. Secondly, complete your resume and cover letter with more specific details and explanations on your previous work experience, like area of expertise, target group, location, challenges overcome, etc.

Finally, filter what is it relevant to the context by having at least two different “elevator speeches” – for example, one for a job interview and another one for networking event. Bear in mind the following: say what you know, know what you say and mean what you say. Review your speeches as often possible.

Present yourself: Say your first and last name, and your position as well the company’s name and industry environment. Your interviewer needs to get a clear idea where to place you.

What can you contribute to this company? Here is where you share your main strengths and skills illustrated with at least one major past achievement.

What do you have to offer? If you can make a difference, how do you intend to do it? You must have something that no one else has, so lay it on the table!

Share your goals: Briefly explain what is motivating you to pursue this position. Where do you want to see your career go?

Be engaged: Ask your interviewer at least two questions… more, if possible. You need to foster the connection by building bridges.

Make a good first impression: Look presentable. Be clear about your skills. Choose your words carefully. Act natural and try to be present in the moment.

To conclude, it takes only few seconds to make good impact of meeting someone, so take your chance with these simple tips: smile with a positive attitude, shake hands with a proper eye contact and slow-down your speech.

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