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Moroccan Teachers of French ‘Not Good’ In French: Study

Reforming the Moroccan Education System- A Reform of Perceptions

Rabat – A Moroccan study has found that teachers of the French language in Morocco do not have a good mastery of the language of Molière.

The study, conducted by l’Observatoire National du Développement Humain (ONDH), a state body in charge of analyzing the impact of human development programs and policies, and the World Bank, covered 300 primary schools across Morocco.

In addition to teachers of the French language in the regions of Marrakech-Safi, Meknes-Fez and Rabat-Salé-Kenitra, teachers of other subjects were also put to the test.

The primary schools’ teachers were given grades based on their mastery of the subjects they are teaching to pupils.

Teachers of French received grades below average, getting only 41 out of 100. Their Arabic language counterparts did relatively better with 55 out 100. Math teachers performed better, receiving 84 out of 100.

The report painted a bleak picture of the situation of public education in Morocco, pointing to the low quality of education in public schools in comparison with private ones.

In public schools, the study further noted that 36 per cent of pupils lack the basic pedagogical educational tools. Fifty-eight per cent of public schools suffer from a shortage of basic infrastructure.

In Morocco, French remains the language of economic activity and a prerequisite for several job seekers.

However, with the deterioration of education in public schools in recent years, many families are turning to private schools to ensure that their children get a better education in the language of Molière.

The hegemony of French remains, nonetheless, contested by many. While some people advocate for more incorporation of English in public educations, others slam the cultural influence France exerts through its language at the expense of local languages that represent Morocco’s identity, namely Arabic and Amazigh.

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