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Video: Saad Lamjarred’s Alleged Victim Tells Her Version of the Story

Rabat Saad Lamjarred’s 21-year old alleged victim, Laura Prioul, has broken her silence in a video where she explains in details how the Moroccan singer has raped her.

In a video published on YouTube on November 12, Prioul explains how her life was “ruined” after the alleged sexual assault .

“It has been a year now that I attempted to stay away from lights, hiding from everyone while everyone is talking about me,” Laura said. The victim added that she has never spoken about what happened to her mother because she did not want it publicized . “ I was afraid and I did not want to hear how people spoke about me. I felt really damaged.”.

The incident dates back toOctober 2016, when the French woman filed charges against Lamjarred for a sexual assault that allegedly took place at the Marriott hotel in Paris. The singer was scheduled to give a concert on October 31 at the Palais des Congrès.

“I was in a nightclub in Paris, it turned out that my aggressor was also there. We had a great night together. He was very nice. He invited me to his table and offered me a drink… All I had was water. Saad, however, was drinking alcohol, a lot of alcohol” she said.

Prioul said that Moroccan pop singer asked her then to go to a another nightclub. “I was worried about how I would go home, but he told me he had private drivers and that he could drive me back home.” She went on to add that a car parked near them picked them up and drove them other nightclub. The fact that they were speaking Arabic rose Laura’s suspicions. “I asked him what was going on, and he explained that we are going to a friend’s hotel because the nightclub he told me about was not that good.”

Upon their arrival at the hotel, Saad invites her to his room. “(…) we put some music and danced and laughed. We got closer to each other at some point and We kissed. he wanted to kiss me again but turned my head away. He did not like the fact that I refused him, therefore, I was hit […] I wanted to defend myself and this person hit me again, and again and again […] I couldn’t do anything. He was stronger than me. That person raped me.”

“After he raped me I locked myself in the bathroom. Then I realized that I had to go back to the room because my phone was there. I had to call someone for help.”

Prioul claims that when she returned to the hotel’s room, Lamjarred was trying to act normally. “He asked me why I was crying, If was injured and if I needed some ice?” Prioul added that her alleged aggressor was totally a different person as if nothing had ever happened.

“After getting my things ready to leave, I looked him in the eye and told him he was a monster.” His aggressiveness then doubled: “He pushed me on the bed, ripped my clothes and tried to re-rape me.”

“I seized him by the throat […] and I managed to escape this time,” claimed the alleged victim, all in tears.

The young woman said that her name was leaked to media by a blogger under the name of Jeremstar. Since then she started receiving death threat after people managed to get her address, and phone number. This left her with no choice but to delete her social media accounts.

French authorities arrested Saad Lamjarred on October 26. He was released and put under surveillance on April 13. Lamjarred had also faced a lawsuit in the United States for another case of sexual assault.

A woman from New York told the American daily, New York Post in May 2016 that the Moroccan singer sexually assaulted her using violence in a Brooklyn apartment in 2010.

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