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‘Morocco Practices a Peaceful, Tolerant Islam’: Guinean Official

Morocco Practices a Peaceful, Tolerant Islam: Guinean Official

Diamniadio  –   Guinean national defense minister Mohamed Diane highlighted, Tuesday in Diamniadio, the Moroccan-Guinean cooperation in the different areas, mainly the religious one.

“Morocco practices a peaceful and tolerant Islam. This is the reason why we deemed that reinforcing cooperation with Morocco in the religious field could ensure a lasting peace in our country,” he told MAP on the sidelines of his participation in an conference held under the 4th Dakar International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa.

Morocco and Guinea signed in 2014 a draft agreement to train Guinean imams in Morocco, which helped train some 500 imams up to now, he said, adding that Guinea is 80% made up of Muslims and it is important for religious leaders to be preaching peace and understanding.

He went on to say that Guinea and Morocco take part in peacekeeping operations in Mali, and Guinean injured victims are usually rushed to the Kingdom to be hospitalized.

He also recalled that, for the first time this year, Guinea succeeded in importing 100 K tons of fertilizers which would contribute to the development of his country’s agricultural sector.

The signing of the 2014 agreement is an implementation of the instructions by King Mohammed VI to respond positively to the request of Guinea to train its imams in the Kingdom.

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