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Dentist by Day, Stylist by Night: Yassamine Rebbah’s ‘Street Style in Morocco’

Dentist by Day, Stylist by Night: Yassamine Rebbah’s ‘Street Style in Morocco’

By Hajar Elkahlaoui

Rabat – If you want to know the latest trends in fashion, Moroccan fashion influencer Yassamine Rebbah is here to help you dress up like an A list hollywood star.

While many bloggers started out with a website, the trend now stretches further out onto Instagram, where there are now more fashion “influencers” than “bloggers” ever before.

Blogs were the preferred channel for fashion inspiration, but as the blogosphere matured, new channels for creativity and social interaction emerged. Instagram was a major game changer. The app made it very easy to share photos, without the expense of a DSLR and the hassle of serious photo editing.

Yassamine’s Instagram page, “Street Style in Morocco” (SSIM), has 189,000 followers, and provides some fashion tips in pictures rather than words. From small and easy outfit tweaks to testing the latests luxury brands, Yassamine’s outfits ideas are as accessible as they are high end.

The 21-year-old fashionista and future dentist gives Morocco World News the scoop.

When did you initially get started in the fashion industry ?

Yassamine Rebbah: I created “Street Style in Morocco” in June 2014. It was synchronized with Instagram becoming more and more popular in Morocco.

Before, bloggers and fashionistas were becoming a trend using Facebook. I was following Style in Beirut and Milano Street Style but there was only one Moroccan style page. I decided to make the second one and I chose the name “Street Style in Morocco.” I posted pictures of fashionistas inspiring style. Not only Moroccan fashionistas but also girls from all over the world: Lebanese, Brits, and Italians because they have good taste in terms of fashion.

Instead of curating editorial content through a website, Rebbah promotes her lifestyle on Instagram.

Why is Instagram your main social platform of choice?

Yassamine Rebbah: For me, Instagram is the future. It can reach large audiences. I am also active on Snapchat, especially when I go shopping. I take pictures of the pieces I find interesting and I write down the prices. However, the “Snapchat Story” only lasts 24 hours so Instagram, for me, is the best option.

What is the concept behind SSIM ?

Yassamine Rebbah: I started by taking pictures of clothes that inspired me. I go shopping three times a week and whenever I find good pieces of clothing, I share the pictures with my followers. I do my best to give my followers the most precise and latest fashion trends.

Besides being a Fashion influencer, you are a personal shopper and a shopping assistant. How is it going?

Yassamine Rebbah: I have followers all over Morocco. Some of them don’t have shops where they can find similar clothes in their city so I do personal shopping. I buy the article and I send it to them. The price depends on the total amount of the items. I am also a shopping assistant. If a girl does not know how to pick up clothes, I advise and assist her on what would best suit her.

What trends or styles you are loving at the moment?

Yassamine Rebbah: Concerning colors, I love khaki, raspberry red, and emerald green. For clothes, oversized sweatshirts, trousers, and T-shirts are very trendy. Checked fabrics and tweeds are also trending right now.

Ce set est disponible chez Zara !! Check my insta story Jai parlé de comment ce pantalon allie confort et tendance

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Is there one piece of clothing you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Yassamine Rebbah: I am a sneakers’ addict. It’s practical for me for an everyday look. The most trending sneakers now are sneaker socks. We can find them in stores like Balenciaga, Chanel, or in affordable brands like Zara. They are definitely a must have for this season.

You’re also a dental medicine student. How do you manage your time between blogging and studies ?

Yassamine Rebbah: I am at my final year at the Casablanca Faculty of Dental Medicine and just started my practical internship. In the morning, I work as a dentist from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Occasionally, I attend classes until 5 p.m. but I can still do my shopping in Casablanca’s Morocco Mall or in the stores in Maarif.

I have a list of brands, shops, and trends that I monitor regularly. I dedicate to posting on my page, it’s not complicated for me because I do what I love. For example, I can update my profile between classes and breaks. It actually takes a lot of time but I don’t even notice!

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