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Moroccan Stylist Abdelhanine Raouh to Compete in Project Runway Middle East

Project Runway Middle East

Rabat – Project Runway is coming back to Moroccan television screens with its second Middle Eastern version on November 19 on MBC4.

Abdelhanine Raouh is the only Moroccan stylist to compete on this year’s show.

With the famous Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab heading the competition’s judging panel, Raouh, among 11 other fashionable and feisty contestants restricted in time, materials, and theme, will do their best to impress the judges for 13 weeks.

Raouh made his name in fashion with his caftans. The young stylist and native of Rabat reinvents the traditional structure of the caftan, modifies its classic drape, and transform its volumes.

After being selected to participate in the caftan of Morocco show in 2007, the successful stylist Raouh became known to the general public.

During each season, selected competitors are progressively eliminated based on the judges’ scores, until only a few contestants remain. These finalists prepare a complete fashion collection, from which a winner is determined.

Each episode welcomes a celebrity guest judge that contributes to the decision making process.

Besides Saab, the guest judges making their way to the runway this season include the icon of the Tunisian fashion Afef Jnifen, the Egyptian actress Yousra, and the guest of honor, who will be revealed at the beginning of every episode.

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